The Power of You

Facing and Finding the Whole Vibrant You

Personalized Coaching with Maggie Wyckoff

This is an invitation to women who know it is time to focus on their own emotional health after decades of being disconnected with their own desires and emotions.

Typically they were caregivers for years, who dedicated themselves to seeing others through tough times but now are ready to look inward.

Now that their children are relatively self-sufficient they have become aware of their sense of listlessness and disconnection with their own bodies, their own emotions, and their own real needs.

These are the type of women who have already begun to invest time and energy into their healing and future, but are ready for one of the following two things to change:

They would like to be able to eliminate the massive sense of overwhelm in life by creating permanent self care routines and stress reduction habits that will last forever.


They want to be in touch with their personal passions and body again, or maybe for the first time ever, so that they can live the best life full of the completed bucket list goals, peace and vibrancy by learning to tune into their own emotions and internal awareness.

This program is a 3 month personalized coaching and implementation intensive. Here is what we will work on on our journey together (click through for details on each):

The best part of this program is the way in which we will address each element in a sustainable way that will build upon each other. Unlike many other programs that leave you feeling overwhelmed with the number and intensity of suggested changes, you will only be given what you can handle as you can handle it. This coaching program is designed with the biology of your brain in mind, utilizing the way your brain naturally creates habits, rather than fighting against your natural instincts. This enables you to see daily changes and progress, with very little stress or overwhelm and instead an increase of peace and pleasure.

Included in the program is:

1. Two day a week group coaching community opportunities where you will receive personalized guidance and strategies to implement what you are learning in the way that will create the most momentum and daily impact.

2. Training and worksheets on each of the core implementation strategies, designed to help you easily implement and to review what you’ve learned at a glance.

3. Unlimited daily group feedback (Monday-Friday) in your exclusive Power of YOU Facebook group

4. Surprise Personalized Self Care Kit mailed to your door, full of goodies designed to give you extra personalized tools to apply each of the steps! ($250 value)

BONUS: Know your body trainings. Optional one day a week access to dietitian who focuses on stress reduction and nourishment via nutrition in addition to bonus trainings on this topic.


The best person for this program is someone who is established in life. You have served others for years, in an occupation, or as a mother, or both, and are in a place to turn that attention inwards. You are self-motivated and have begun the hard work of healing and self-development. You may be new to caring for yourself in the way you’ve cared for others, but you have the capacity to apply yourself and are intentionally focusing on YOUR needs in this season. You will need to be able to set aside consistent time and energy each week to apply the principles you are learning. But… You know that YOU deserve it and YOU are worth it.


The current investment for this program is $1000 for only the first 10 applicants. I will only be accepting 5 applicants each onboarding cycle, so as to give them extra onboarding training and attention.

This price is only for the first 10, and then will be continually increasing in future onboarding cycles.

This is a pay in full offer. Contact me to discuss when the next onboarding cycle is going to begin and to also discuss payment plans, which may be slightly elevated in price to offset additional administrative costs.

I'm accepting new clients into the program right now. If you are interested book a discovery call to let me know you are interested in getting more information about the program or the next onboarding cycle. Or, just go ahead and sign up below!

I look forward to chatting about you and your needs!

Maggie Wyckoff